Roland VT-1 Voice Transformer

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Roland VT-1 Voice Transformer

The VT-1 is a unique device designed for altering and effecting the human voice. It provides everything from voice "thickening" to a full ±1 octave pitch shift, allowing users to convincingly change their vocal gender. Unlike conventional pitch shifters, the VT-1 affords separate control of pitch and formant, so the user's voice can be altered without the "chipmunk" effect.


* Convincingly alters human voice, creating new sounds for a variety of applications
* Large sliders control pitch, formant, effect balance and built-in digital reverb
* Four Preset memory locations, four User memory locations
* Special "robot" feature for vocoder-like effect
* ±1 octave pitch shift capabilities with independent formant control for realistic results

Nominal Input Level: MIC: -50 dBu, LINE: -20 dBu
Input Range: 62.5 Hz to 1 kHz (C2 to B5)
Nominal Output Level: MIC OUT: -40 dBu: LINE OUT: -20 dBu
Residual Noise: -100 dBu or less (INPUT: MIC) (IHF-A)
Connectors: INPUT, MIC OUT, LINE OUT (L, R), REMOTE, AC Adaptor
Power Supply: DC 9 V: AC adaptor
Current Draw: 300 mA
Accessory: AC Adaptor (ACI/ACB Series)

Size and Weight
Width: 178 mm: 7-1/16 inches
Depth: 162 mm: 6-3/8 inches
Height: 52 mm: 2-1/16 inches
Weight: 0.5 kg: 1 lbs. 1 oz.