Canon FN-600 Financial Calculator

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Canon FN-600 Financial Calculator

Canon leads the industry with the FN-600 - the Interactive Financial Calculator designed for the general public and financial professionals.With Canon's interactive FN-600, there's no need to remember financial-related details or complex calculations. The simple menu prompts calculations from simple interest to the time value of money, and unique to the FN-600, provides valuable computations regarding currency savings, foreign currency conversions, advancing payments, refinancing and more. This user-friendly "flip" calculator with an easy-to-read 12-digit display also provides added convenience and portability with its slim and compact case, enabling it to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand or snug in your pocket.


* 12 digit display
* Large LCD
* Interactive Operation for ease of use
* Loan calculation
* Deposit calculation
* Date calculation
* Tax calculation
* Memory calculation
* Clock and Calendar


Print Capability: No

Display Type: LCD
Display Color: Black
Digits Displayed: 12 digit Lower Display Line
Angled Display: Yes
Adjustable Display: Yes
Other Features: Dot-Matrix Upper Display Line

Constant Multiplication/Division/Percentage Calculations: Yes
Percentage Add On Discount Calculations: Yes
Tax Calculation Tip: Yes
Types Of Calculation: Basic, Loan & Deposit
Currency Conversion: Yes
Clock/Calendar: Clock, Date & Weekday Display
Automatic Power-off: Yes
Other Features: Tax calculation, Even payment, Interest only, Amortization, Advance Payment calculation, Refinancing, Certificate of deposit calculation, Goal savings calculation, Currency savings calculation, Simple interest savings calculation, Deposit memory function, Interest rate conversion calculation.
Power Source: Solar (Yes/No): No
Battery & Solar (Yes/No): No
Low Battery Indication
Memory: M+, M-, RM/CM, 5 deposit memories

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