JVC Everio GZ-HD7 Hard Disk Drive High Definition Camcorder

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JVC Everio GZ-HD7 Hard Disk Drive High Definition Camcorder

The GZ-HD7 utilizes a lens designed for high definition by FUJINON. FUJINON is the leader in professional camera lens for live HD images. This lens features 3 aspherical elements and provides nearly the same brightness (F1.8-1.9) throughout its zoom range.

In addition, the lens surface is coated with a new Electronic Beam Coating (EBC) that greatly reduces degradation caused by light reflecting off the lens surfaces, leading to greater light transmission and reduced flaring and ghosting.

Zoom Ratio: Optical 10x / Digital 200x
F Stop: F1.8 - F1.9
Focal Length: F= 3.3mm - 33mm

The Leader in Professional HD Optics
FUJINON lenses are highly regarded and entrusted by major broadcasting and motion picture companies, holding over 60% worldwide market share in the professional HD industry. As a consumer product, the GZ-HD7 is the first camcorder offered with FUJINON lens.

Three 1/5 Progressive Scan CCDs
For bright, realistic colors the HD Everio uses three 1/5-inch CCDs — one each for red, green and blue. Naturally, by having dedicated CCDs for each primary color, the camera is able to gather the maximum visual information which leads to more realistic color reproduction and presence. In addition, to ensure precise prism/CCD registration, JVC has incorporated FUJINON mounting technology used in professional camcorders.

Pixel Shift Technology
The Red and Blue pixel locations are shifted relative to Green, allowing the sampled color information to be quadrupled through interpolation.

Optical Image Stabilization (OIS)
Provides effective camera-shake compensation without any of the quality loss associated with digital image stabilization systems.

Built-in Sliding Lens Cover
Slide it shut to protect the lens when the camera's not in use. It's integrated, so there's no risk of losing it like a lens cap.