JVC GR-SXM38 Compact Super VHS Camcorder

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JVC GR-SXM38 Compact Super VHS Camcorder

Versatile & User-Friendly
25x Optical Zoom/1000x Digital Hyper Zoom (GR-SXM38) With the 25x optical zoom, an image is enlarged up to 25 times without jagged edges.

The GR-AXM18 comes with a 20x optical and 800x digital zoom.

Digital Picture Improvement
Technology is applied at every stage from the camera up until actual recording to optimize overall quality.

* Picture Stabilizer recognizes the user's unique camera-shake characteristics to eliminate shaky pictures more effectively.
* Digital TBC (Time Base Corrector) helps eliminate picture jitter from playback images.
* Digital CNR (Chroma Noise Reduction) eliminates color noise and smear for a sharper, crisper playback picture.

Easy VHS Playback with Compact VHS
Compact VHS uses cassettes that play on your VHS video deck, so you can easily watch your footage and share it with others.

Easy VHS DECK Playback included (38x only)
* With optional cassette adapter.

Multi-Language On-Screen
108 Combinations of Digital Special Effects and Scene Transitions. Great built-in effects usable in 108 combinations.

Built-in Auto Illumi. Light
Makes your subject brighter in low light situations by using an energy efficient LED to reduce battery drain. The camera will automatically turn off the light in bright environments so energy isn’t wasted.