JVC GY-DV5000U 3-CCD Professional DV Camcorder

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JVC GY-DV5000U 3-CCD Professional DV Camcorder

JVC's next generation 3-CCD Professional DV Camcorder carries the legacy of our enormously popular GY-DV500U. We redesigned the camera from the ground up giving it features and performance that puts it in the league with the most expensive production cameras on the market.

The GY-DV5000U is a high-performance Professional DV 3-CCD camcorder that boasts advanced features such a 12-bit ADC (used only in broadcast cameras), with advanced 24-bit DSP for superior image processing and unprecedented image control.

More than just a successor to the GY-DV500U, the 5000 sets a new standard in versatility with its optional network connectivity, external light trigger, Standard/Mini-DV mechanism, 2.5-inch LCD Data/Video display, and more.

Newly developed Standard DV/Mini DV mechanism
A new double tension tape transport utilizes a reel motor in addition to a capstan motor providing more running stability and precise handling. It can accommodate both standard and mini size cassettes without an adapter. Designed to professional standards, this mechanism also facilitates high speed operation. Cuing is also faster and more accurate. There is a built-in active/mechanical low-noise head cleaner that automatically cleans the heads each time a tape is loaded.

Up to 270 minutes (4 hrs. 36 min.) of high-quality 8-bit, 13.5 MHz 4:1:1(NTSC) DV component digital images can be recorded on a standard DV tape, while up to 60 minutes of recording is possible on MiniDV tapes.

DV input/output connector
This allows bi-directional transfer of a high-quality compressed digital motion-picture signal to a computer, a deck, a non-linear editing system or to another DV camcorder or VTR.

High-quality PCM locked audio
To complement the superior pictures, the GY-DV5000 offers outstanding digital PCM audio. 16-bit, 48-kHz audio signals are locked with video signals for smooth editing. You can choose from two 16-bit 48-kHz channels or four 12-bit, 32-kHz channels with a dynamic range of more than 75 dB. Two XLR mic input connectors are provided.

Three 1/2-inch CCDs for high resolution
To ensure the best possible image quality, the GY-DV5000U incorporates three 1/2" 410,000 (380,000 effective) pixel CCDs. Each CCD is equipped with highly advanced circuitry that virtually eliminates vertical smear when shooting bright lights against a dark background. Lag and image burn are also reduced to indiscernible levels. Camera resolution is an impressive 800 TV lines.

F13 at 2000 lux
The most sensitive camera ever! (F13 at 2000 lux) assures effortless shooting in extreme low light situations. This powerful feature increases creative flexibility and simplifies lighting requirements.

Newly-developed 12-bit ADC and 24-bit DSP
JVC has developed an advanced 12-bit processing system--previously found only in very high end broadcast cameras. The 12-bit ADC (analog to digital converter) directly inputs data to the DSP (digital signal processor,) thus eliminating any signal degradation that might otherwise arise from analog circuits. In addition, the advanced video processing brings out natural details--even in extremely bright scenes, greatly reduces noise, and provides color accuracy found only in the most expensive field production cameras.

400% wide dynamic range
The DV5000's super fast multi-stream parallel processing DSP creates an ultra-smooth gamma curve calculated using a true log scale algorithm. The result is a dynamic range of over 400% that accurately reproduces fine details and colors in both shadowed and highlighted areas.

1/2-inch industry standard bayonet lens mount
The GY-DV5000 uses a standard professional 1/2-inch bayonet lens mount, making it compatible with the widest selection of broadcast and professional lenses. No adapters, no hidden costs. Just a smart way to tap the rich infrastructure of interchangeable professional lenses.

Color matrix
A sophisticated six-axis color matrix circuit effectively compensates optics-related color reproduction to ensure more natural, true-to-life tones. Color matching adjustment with other manufacturers' products is also possible with 5 user selectable choices including a "Sony look."

Black stretch/black compress
You can use this function to enhance or compress reproduction of black areas on the screen. When stretched, the contrast of high-contrast images is reduced so that you can capture both highlights and shadows. With 0.45 gamma, you can shoot with ambient lighting only (no fill light required), allowing you to obtain better detail reproduction in bright or shadowed areas. When compressed, the contrast is increased, making colors richer.

Video Scan Mode
It is possible to select between video or "Hi Res Frame Mode" for a more cinematographc effect.

Full Auto Shooting
In an emergency, or when it's not possible to pause to adjust white balance or change the gain, the Full Auto Shooting mode provides point-and-shoot ease of operation, leaving you simply to zoom, focus, and press the record button. Activating Full Auto Shooting puts the camera in the Auto Iris mode, even if the lens is set to manual. Automatic Video Level Control (ALC) is also activated, along with Extended Electronic Iris (EEI) which provide both variable gain and variable shutter and Full Auto White to follow color temperature. This means you can shoot continuously from a dark to a bright and indoor to outdoor without changing gain, iris, white balance or ND filter.

Functions and switch layout for professionals
In addition to the Full Auto Shooting to handle difficult or variable lighting enviroments, the GY-DV5000 is equipped with an array of pro-level functions that provide professionals with the creative flexibility they need. These include soft detail correction, Skin Tone Detection, fully adjustble gamma, Iris over/ under Black Stretch/Compress, Frame Mode etc. The GY-DV5000's switches have also been arranged in the way that most professionals are accustomed to, making operation more intuitive, precise, easy, and error-free. Since you won't have to "re-learn" how to use this camcorder all over again, the GY-DV5000 is the ideal camera for any assignment.

LOLUX 0.4 lux (F1.4)
When activated, the LOLUX mode increases sensitivity with almost no increase in noise. LOLUX increases the gain by +36 dB so you can capture high-quality video footage with excellent color balance, enhanced gradations, and minimal color smear in low-light conditions.

New audio-related functions
When color bars are output, audio reference signals (test tone) are also output. The audio reference signal can be set to -12 dB or -20 dB as required. In addition, a "wind out" function is provided to minimize extraneous noise picked up by the microphone.

2.5-inch tri-mode LCD display
The 200,000-pixel 2.5" color TFT LCD monitor provides a high-resolution 440 TVL video image during shooting or instant replay. Like the viewfinder, it has an adjustable peaking and zebras that simplify focus and iris setting. A push button slects three display modes:

1. Video only
2. Video images with text information overlay including time, status, mode, and other data are shown on the screen.
3. Data information only including time, status, mode, and other data are shown on the screen

The monitor tilts up 180 degrees for high-angled overhead shooting and tilts down 90 degrees for low-angle shots. Video-only can be displayed or with data overlayed--or data alone can be displayed.

Optional 1.5" CRT black & white viewfinder
The high-resolution viewfinder shows your subject in black and white, making it easy to locate and frame your subject with the monitor closed. The viewfinder can be moved forward or backward and the view angle can be adjusted so you can easily keep your subject in frame. The viewfinder can be raised about 90 degrees for high-angle shooting. Larger studio viewfinders are also optionally available.

On-shoulder type with soft shoulder pad
For smooth, stable shooting, the GY-DV5000 has been designed for on-shoulder shooting and comes with a soft shoulder pad attached.

Light link function
When you use an Anton Bauer battery (option), you can link light (option) ON/OFF switching to the recording trigger. You can also turn it on all the time with the switch if required.

Time/date recording
Time and date with seconds resolution can be recorded on the tape over color bars or video. Time and date are also overlaid over the video output.

Other Features:

* Full Auto White (FAW)
* Spot L/Back L
* Aspect ratio (4:3/letter box)
* Detail correction
* Detail V/H balance
* Skin detail detection
* White clip select
* Knee point select
* 7.5 ire Setup adjustment [Flash tutorial]
* Lock audio (16-bit, 48Khz only)
* Automatic level control (ALC)
* System file selection
* Smooth transition mode
* Variable slow shutter
* Built-in color bar
* Gamma control
* Auto black level
* Zebra pattern (4-step)
* Auto knee
* Highlight chroma processing
* SMPTE/EBU time code generator
* Blank search
* Edit search
* Adaptable to Sony-style tripod base