JVC JY-VS200U Professional DV 1-CCD Camcorder

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JVC JY-VS200U Professional DV 1-CCD Camcorder

680,000-pixel progressive scan CCD
The JY-VS200U 680,000-pixel progressive scan CCD records motion pictures with higher vertical resolution. Progessive scan is ideal for capturing video for Internet streaming as progressive signals require less bandwidth for transmission.

IEEE 1394 input/output
This allows bi-directional transfer of a high-quality compressed digital motion-picture signal to a computer, a non-linear editing system, or to another DV recorder.

Audio level indicator
This indicator appears when recording starts, providing the operator with on-screen audio recording level indication and an immediate visual confirmation that recording has started.

Built-in color bar generator
Allows color settings to be adjusted quickly and easily for natural-looking picture reproduction.

New AIS lens
The AIS (Accurate Image Shift) Lens includes two multi-coated aspherical lenses that minimize artifacts such as ghosting and flaring. For stills, micron-precise image-shift technology doubles the image data that can be sampled by the CCD. Two independent optical low-pass filters -- one optimized for motion pictures and the other exclusively for stills -- ensure you to get the best possible results either way.

Video snapshot mode
Allows you to record freeze-frame still images onto tape (VGA Quality) at the touch of a button, together with a shutter-like 'click' sound effect and 6 seconds of live audio.

SD Memory Card/MultiMediaCard compatibility
The JY-VS200U can store still images on either an SD Memory Card or MultiMediaCard, allowing you to download pictures directly to a PC.

USB connectivity
The USB interface enables high-speed transfer of digital still image data from camera to computer.

Rectangular hood
Rectangular sun-shade hood cuts lens flare by matching TV aspect ratio. Its built-in ø55mm filter ring accepts a miriad of standard optical filters.

Power-linked operation
As soon as you pull out the viewfinder or open the LCD monitor, the camera automatically powers up and you are ready to shoot.

Other features

* Progressive mode video recording
* UXGA still image recording function
* Manual focus lens
* 300x digital zoom
* Dual shooting mode
* 3.5" LCD monitor
* 110,000-pixel color viewfinder
* Info-shoe (stereo zoom mic option)
* Bundled software (USB Driver and Presto! Mr. Photo Gold for Windows® and Macintosh®)