JVC KY-D29UCH 3-CCD Color Camera

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JVC KY-D29UCH 3-CCD Color Camera

The KY-D29 is JVC's advanced new 14-bit digital camera which, in JVC tradition, sets new price/performance standards. This versatile new camera features three 2/3-inch CCDs, each with 760,000 pixels, 3D digital noise reduction and revolutionary new Super LoLux for an incredible low light performance of 0.35 lux!

Digital processing is not new to professional cameras. But until now, it has not offered significant performance advantages. JVC has changed that with the introduction of the KY-D29, the first DSP camera in its price range to offer digital performance that's clearly superior to conventional analog technology. To achieve this level of performance, JVC has utilized advanced 14-bit digital processing and has developed several unique technologies that further improve the picture quality. These include 3D digital noise reduction, V-Plus high vertical resolution mode, and Super LoLux.

Today's digital recording formats demand higher performance from video cameras. The KY-D29 delivers picture quality that far exceeds any camera in its price range and is ready to dock with JVC's advanced 4:2:2 D-9 portable--the BR-D40, or with the economical DV dockable, the BR-DV10. It also docks directly with JVC's BR-S422 S-VHS recorder, and with Beta SP recorders using an adapter.


3D digital noise reduction cancels out random noise without introducing objectionable lag, by comparing multiple frames together with motion detection. Unlike DNR circuits found in other cameras, JVC's 3D system provides noise reduction that you can actually see.


"V-Plus" is a high vertical resolution mode that utilizes 768 x 986 effective pixel 2/3" IT CCDs (the highest pixel count in the industry.) One out of three vertical pixels is integrated from the opposite field to increase vertical resolution without visible lag or sacrificing sensitivity. Horizontal resolution is maintained at 850 TV lines. CCD smear level is a super low -125 dB.


JVC's professional cameras are famous for their low light performance. The CCD's sensitivity is maximized for an electronic gain of 27dB. JVC's LoLux feature increases the gain an additional 6dB, without adding noise, by using a unique dual pixel readout system providing a total of 33dB gain in the standard LoLux mode. JVC's new SUPER LOLUX feature adds another 6dB gain, again without adding noise, by increasing the integration time to 1/30 second (rather than the normal 1/60 second.) This provides an amazing +39dB of gain and allows the shooter to produce crisp, colorful pictures in almost no light whatsoever (0.35 lux). If you thought the KY-27C (the industry leader in low light performance) was good, wait until you see the KY-D29!


Professional cameras shouldn't be difficult to use. Unfortunately, the trend today is to add lots of features and require the shooter to navigate through layers of menus to activate them. JVC believes that commonly used features should not require menu activation. Therefore operations such as shutter control, variable scan, black stretch, black compress, continuous auto black, DNR, zebra, Accu- Focus and others, are all menu-free. Built-in continuous auto- black (CAB) means that you never have to set a black balance, since the digital processor continuously performs this adjustment for you.


The VF-P116U is a new high resolution viewfinder that provides 600 lines of horizontal resolution. It is equipped with peaking (with user adjustable level), a large comfortable flip-up eyepiece that's adjustable and a tally on/off switch. The KY-D29 also provides 2 selectable zebra levels, and an F-stop reading in the viewfinder.


Sometimes events prevent you from making the pre-shoot settings you'd like to. JVC's full auto shooting mode controls all of the camera's operating parameters, requiring the operator to only control the zoom, focus and trigger. The on-board computer automatically selects the correct gain, white & black balance, iris setting and audio levels.


* Smooth white balance memory transitions * Smooth gain transitions * Built-in time/date generator * Adjustable gamma point * Adjustable white clip * XLR microphone input w/48V phantom power * Highlight chroma correction * One touch black stretch/compress * Extended range * Accu-Focus for precise focusing * Auto detail enhancer for wide zoom * Digital detail with 3 frequency select * Defective pixel correction * Programmable battery alarm level * Monitor output with characters on/off switch * Audio level control on camera head * 2 scene files and 2 menu modes