JVC DY-90WUCL D-9 Cineline Camcorder

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JVC DY-90WUCL D-9 Cineline Camcorder

For the past few years, JVC engineers have been working closely with leading film directors and cinematographers to develop the ultimate digital camera for use by independent filmmakers. The astonishing results of this initiative are now being unveiled to the film community in our "CineLine" digital camera products and accessories. These models go far beyond simulating a "film look." They are specially designed to optimize the digital transfer to film, resulting in incredible quality final prints unmatched by any other digital source.

The DY-90WUCL is JVC's top performing CineLine camcorder, and uses our renowned D-9 1/2-inch 4:2:2 recording format. Though physically similar to its non-Cineline counterpart, the DY-90UW, this new camcorder produces significantly different output, and therefore shouldn't be expected to match in a multi-camera environment with non-Cineline models. Accessories are interchangeable with the non-Cineline versions.

For filmmaking, including episodic television production, this camera is nothing short of spectacular!

* Extremely low noise
* Film-style gamma profiling
* Very wide dynamic range
* Light weight less than 15.8 pounds including typical lens, viewfinder, battery and tape
* Only 30 Watt power requirement while recording with DY-90WU
* Fully digital
* Rugged, high quality 50 Mbps, 8 bit, 4:2:2 component D-9 format
(quality equivalent to Digital Beta)
* 2 hour (124 minute) D-9 recording time with DS-124 cassette
* Advanced 14 bit digital signal processing
* Records four 16 bit 48 kHz PCM audio channels with more than 80 dB dynamic range
* Both XLR and 6-pin camera microphone inputs, plus 2 additional mic/line XLR inputs
* Three 2/3" 980 x 494 pixel IT CCDs with 600% dynamic range
* High sensitivity of F11 at 2000 lux gives creative flexibility and ease of lighting
* Lolux mode provides outstanding reproduction down to 0.75 lux
* Digital signal processing enables natural detail enhancement, and elimination of spot noise.
* 14 bit DSP gives exceptional reproduction of dark areas, highlights and highlight color.
* Two scene files save advanced custom camera setups in removable setup box in addition to standard setup.
* Other features: One touch black stretch / compress, smooth transition mode, precision "Accufocus" mode, adjustable gamma point, adjustable detail frequency, and continuous auto-black (CAB).
* High quality video out for color video playback or field monitoring
* +48 V phantom power supply for all XLR microphone inputs
* Built in monitor speaker and headphones jack
* SMPTE time code generator with external input and output, external lock, jam sync and seamless time code between takes.
* Large LCD display indicates time code, modes and functions
* Fully menu configurable
* Tape / Battery remaining indication
* Rugged die cast chassis using ceramic tape guide rollers and sapphire flanges for long life