Sanyo VPC-HD800 Digital Media Camera

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Sanyo VPC-HD800 Digital Media Camera

Compact, light-weight camera capable of high definition movies compatible with personal computers and/or upload video data to the Internet

* Easily drag and drop recorded files on to the hard drive or upload to the Internet
* Ideal for website-use/blog-use videos as well as standard video creation
* Take either high definition videos (1280 x 720, 720p) or 8.0-Megapixel stills with one unit
* Snap photos anytime, even during video filming, without changing modes or pausing the video
* Preview the frame for photos while still recording video with the one-push 'Photo View' button
* Uses AVC/H.264 codec format for longer, higher quality recording than traditional codecs

Built-in, newly developed '3-dimension Noise Reduction' (3DDNR) filter allows for more vivid and clear videos

* Uses the same, low-power consuming engine as the Full HD VPC-HD1010
* Through new 3DDNR filter, it is possible to decrease significantly the random noise that vacillates over time
* New CMOS sensor adoption allows faster image processing, up to 1.7 x more than the previous equivalent model
* CMOS sensor allows sharper feeling images by increasing the diagonal high-frequency component (sharpness)
* Image compression codec algorithms have been updated
* Optimized signal processing functions such as compression codec algorithm, gamma characteristics and edge treatment as well as the enhancement of basic performance functions all contribute to the improvement of quality in resolution, coloration and recording in dark places

Create beautiful memories easily with newly developed high-precision 'Face Chaser' function for both videos and stills

* Able to detect up to 12 faces in both videos and stills
* Face recognition database has been increased 5 times over the previously used database for face recognition
* Function upgraded with new method for regulation for even diagonal movement, improving precision
* Upgrades allow for higher quality photographic subject recording in both videos and stills
* Functions for face detection in videos upgraded to adjust focus and follow subject in real-time during recording, prioritizing the subject (person) as the focus of the recording

Other Features

* 'Digital Image Stabilizer'*3 senses camera revolution and photographic subject movement
* Original DVD authoring and editing on the computer made easy with bundled 'Adobe Premiere Elements 4.0'
* Continuous shot*4 function allows more photo opportunities (8.0- /2.0-Megapixels)
* 'Simple Mode' operability available for first time users and and 'Manual Mode' operability for more advanced users
* Long-lasting battery allows up to 250 stills or 90 minutes of continuous video filming
* 'Photo view button' for smooth transition of monitor between videos and stills
* In-camera video editing (cutting & pasting) function*5
* Allows recording and playback*6 of videos up to 4GB continuously
* Record in low-light scenes with camera's low-light mode compatible down to 3 lux*7
* Confirm that faces are being detected with new LCD monitor display showing which subject is main
* Optional AV-connection kit available for camera to be used with 'Xacti Library' which includes saving of files by dates taken

*1 1280 x 720 pixels at 30 fps.
*2 Depending on the filming/recording and photographic subject conditions, there are cases where the face detection technology may not work.
*3 In some instances where the shutter is set to a slower speed or where there is strong vibration or shaking, the digital image stabilizer may not work.
*4 Recording size is for 8-Megapixels, 1 fps up to 10 frames, 2-Megapixels, 5 fps for up to 10 frames.
*5 In-camera editing and saving depends on open amount of memory on card. If card is nearly full, editing may not be possible.
*6 Each file is allowed to be created up to 4GB. After 4GB is reached, if the card has more than 4GB available, recording can continue as a new file. While the file is saving, although the video may show as recording, data will not be written (neither video nor audio) until the 'save file' operation is completed.
*7 When in high-sensitivity mode.