Polk Audio dX3065 Car Audio System

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Polk Audio dX3065 Car Audio System

The dX3065 component system is a powerful combination of the 6.5" dX6510 driver and the 1" dX3000 tweeter. The new dX Crossover gives you more control than ever before for a component system of this caliber.

The dX3065 features:

* Blue tri-laminate silk composite dome tweeters for more accurate response, superior detail and high power handling: "Bright Without Bite."
* Dynamic Balance mineral-filled polymer cone driver for clear, well-defined midrange and great bass, too.
* Pivoting tweeter allows you to aim the tweeter in the direction that yields the best high frequency response and soundstaging.
* Neodymium (NdFeb) magnets offer powerful magnetic energy from small magnets. You get great sound and a speaker so small that it is easy to fit and mount in a wide variety of locations.
* Three-position tweeter level switch for precise high frequency optimization for your car.
* Adjustable crossover point and slope provide 12 different combinations of settings, allowing you to precisely tailor the system sound to suit your car's acoustics and your ears.
* Coated baskets and gold plated terminals resist rust and corrosion for years of reliable performance.
* Polk's Dynamic Balance® technology for superior response with all kinds of music.
* High-tech Elastomer rubberized-plastic surrounds for reliable durability and better tuning.
* Aramid fiber spiders—the same material used in bulletproof vests—for linear response and wider dynamic range.
* Extra long, precision wrapped, vented voice coils for superior cooling, longer linear throw, and high power-handling.
* Flush and surface mount tweeter mounting cups are supplied.

If you're serious about your car stereo -- don't bother with cheap-o speakers. Go for the gusto of the dX Series Component Loudspeakers. They give you the ultimate in performance, flexibility, and control. They contain some amazing technology -- the kind that makes them tough enough to take the heat, and powerful and efficient enough to inspire many a road trip.

Crossover to real control with the dX System Crossover. Because what good is your dream system if you can't make it sound the way it does in your dreams? The dX Series Component Crossovers give you a tuning flexibility that you won't find in any similar system. Choose from among 12 different combinations of tweeter level, tweeter phasing, crossover frequency and slope. Fiddle with it till it suits your taste, or that of the judges in your next competition!

dX Component Systems are an engineering marvel of control & performance.