Hitachi G23SR Angle Grinder

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Hitachi G23SR Angle Grinder


* Powerful 15Amp motor produces forcible 2,400W output for plenty of power, torque and durability for tough jobs
* Compact and lightweight (measuring a full inch shorter than previous models and weighing in at under 10 lbs) for reduced fatigue and improved control
* Armature coil dual-sealed with varnish and heat resistant adhesive to protect the motor from wear caused by dust and debris
* Labyrinth construction with retainers at each end of the armature prevents dust and debris from entering motor bearings and ensures smoother operation and longer tool life
* Iron bearing bushing prolongs service life and improves motor durability
* Removeable side handle attaches to the left or right of tool
* Externally accessible carbon brushes allow for quick and easy maintenance
* Trigger lock-on for comfortable continuous operation


Amps: 15
Power Source: AC/DC
Power Input: 1,700W
Max Power Output: 2,400W
No-Load Speed: 6,000 RPM
Spindle Thread: 5/8 x 11
Spindle Lock: Yes
Labyrinth Construction: Yes
Sealed Armature: Yes
Metal Seated Bearing: Yes
Length: 18.2"
Weight: 9.5 lb


Wheel Guard: 306120
Side Handle: 937981
Wrench: 325491

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