Hitachi H90SE 70lb Breaker

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Hitachi H90SE 70lb Breaker

H90SE 1-1/8" Hex 70lb Breaker


* 40.6 ft/lbs of impact energy for heavy duty demolition
* Powerful 13.3 Amp motor with 1,450W of input power produces a full-load impact rate of 850 BPM
* Shock mounted handles to absorb vibration, significantly reduce user fatigue and increase productivity
* Improved hammering mechanism with efficient design delivering more energy to the bit tip increasing demolition performance
* Universal tool retainer accepts 1-1/8" hex air tool steel (collared) and slotted steel (with or without collar) for many accessory options
* Sealed grease lubrication for minimal maintenance and maxiumum durability
* Auto-stop carbon brushes protect motor for extended tool life


Amps: 13.3
Power Input: 1,450W
Impact Energy: 40.6 ft/lbs
Iimpact Rate (full-load): 850 BPM
Bit Type: 1-1/8" Hex, collared or slotted
Insulation: Double
Lubrication: Sealed Grease
Auto-Stop Brushes: Yes
Low Vibration Handle: Yes
Length (retainter extended): 33-13/16"
Weight: 70.5 lbs

10mm Hex Bar Wrench: 993740
5mm Hex Bar Wrench: 944459
3mm Hex Bar Wrench: 943277

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