LG DR1F9H DVD Recorder

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LG DR1F9H DVD Recorder

Super-Multi DVD
Recording Plays and records all DVD video formats.

14-in-2 Multi-Memory Card Slot
Create slide shows from your digital camera. Compatible with all major memory card formats.

1080i Upconversion with HDMI Output
A special video processing circuit upconverts all signals to high-definition 1080i (more than a thousand lines of horizontal resolution) via HDMI output for use with compatible televisions.

DV (1394) Input Recording
Digital video camcorder images can be recorded and edited onto blank DVD and VHS.

* Super-Multi Format Disc Recording: DVD±R/DVD±RW/RAM/DVD+R Dual Layer
* Multi Format Disc Playback: DVD Video/DVD±RW/DVD±R/ DVD-RAM/Audio CD/CD-R/ CD-RW/WMA/JPEG
* DivX®/MPEG4/MP3 Playback
* 14-in-2 Memory Card Slot
* Progressive Scan Video Output
* 1080i Upconversion via HDMI Output