Yamaha DVD-S1800 Universal DVD Player

YAMAHA Updated: 2007-10-11
Yamaha DVD-S1800 Universal DVD Player

High Sound Quality

* DVD-Audio and Super Audio CD playback
* Four two-channel Burr-Brown 192kHz/24-bit audio DACs
* Audio Direct mode
* High Picture Quality
* 1080p-compatible HDMI video output
* High performance 216MHz/12-bit video DAC with Noise Shaped Video™ and Faroudja DCDi™ processing
* Progressive Scan (NTSC/PAL)
* Numerous Video Picture modes

Advanced Features

* MP3, JPEG, DivX® and WMA playback
* Bass Management
* Wide screen mode selection
* Perfect match for Yamaha AV receivers


* Gold-plated terminals for all pin jacks
* Video picture mode: Brightness, Contrast Hue, Sharpness, DNR, Gamma, Chroma Level, Chroma Delay and True Life
* Picture CD playback
* 3-step dimmer modes
* NTSC/PAL complete conversion
* Multiple repeat play
* Program play
* Screen saver
* Discrete remote control commands

On-Screen Display with GUI (Graphical User Interface)
This model makes operation extremely simple by displaying a variety of clearly understandable GUI menus right on the TV or monitor screen. It's easy to select and adjust any desired function with the remote control.

Perfect Match for Yamaha AV Receivers
With its aluminum front panel and impressively heavy, high quality exterior, the DVD-S1800 is designed to beautifully complement the RX-V3800 and RX-V1800 receivers. In addition, its HDMI terminals allow connection via one cable for high level signal transmission, ensuring a perfectly matched audio/video system.