Asus Pundit P2-AE2 Barebone PC

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Asus Pundit P2-AE2 Barebone PC

The ASUS Pundit P2-AE2, the slimmest and lightest ASUS barebone system, comes in a stylish design that fits elegantly in any environments and provides all the essential functions to streamline daily operations.

Space Saving
The Pundit P2-AE2, as portable as a notebook, is a compact solution that saves desk space, and also serves as an excellent decoration for home and offices with its sleek and stylish design.

Excellent Acoustic Performance
ASUS Q-Fan automatically adjusts CPU fan speed based on system loading and temperature to ensure a quiet and distraction-free working environment at 25.5dB under idle mode and 29.3dB in operation mode, much quieter than most desktop solutions.

A Multi-Functional Powerhouse
The Pundit P2-AE2 is the sort of solution that makes everyday tasks easy. Run office applications, browse the Internet, watch video, listen to music and manage different data files without a glitch.

Recover Pro - Unique ASUS Technology
Recover Pro is an always available recovery tool. It stores user data, applications and the operating system in the host-protected area of the hard drive. Users can easily recover system to their original factory conditions or to a more recent state without restore CDs. No need to worry about losing data due to virus attacks.

AntiVirus Solution
ASUS Desktop Barebone Systems understanding the importance of providing quality products bundles the most trusted AntiVirus software, which can automatically remove viruses and worms to best assure your data safety.

Quality Assured
ASUS subjects its desktop barebone systems through a series of stringent quality tests to provide the very best in performance, stability and compatibility. Even the electromagnetic level are measured and improved to limit interference with other devices to provide a superior computing environment.