Dell Precision T3500 Tower Workstation Desktop PC

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Dell Precision T3500 Tower Workstation Desktop PC

Offering certified performance on a wide range of workstation applications, the Dell Precision T3500 fuses Intel®  Xeon®  technology into a single-socket workstation that won't break your IT budget. Core features include:

* Certified by independent software vendors (ISVs) to perform reliably on a variety of single-threaded workstation applications.
* Ample memory (up to 24GB1 of DDR3 ECC or non-ECC memory) for true workstation-level tasks.
* Intel®  Xeon®  technology for performance and scalability well beyond the range of standard business desktop systems.

Powerful Performance
An ideal combination of price and performance, the single-socket Dell Precision T3500 is designed to provide productivity and scalability gains well beyond the range of standard business desktop systems.

The T3500 features the latest generation of Intel®  Xeon®  architecture for fast, energy-efficient performance on a variety of single-socket workstation applications.

The T3500 supports up to 24GB1 of system memory (including both DDR3 ECC and non-ECC memory), allowing for superior levels of application performance and data manipulation.

Superior Graphics
Offering two PCIe x16 slots as well as ample power for its supported graphics cards, the Dell Precision T3500 works quickly to bring your design, animation, imaging or engineering projects to life.

Enjoy peak performance from high-end graphics cards: The T3500 can be equipped with a range of workstation-class graphics options from ATI®  and NVIDIA® .

The T3500 offers tested or certified graphics drivers to help ensure superb performance with excellent reliability.

Turbo-Charged and ISV Tested
Intel®  Turbo Mode (designed to shift processor performance into a higher speed without consequences to system heat) and direct cache access help to accelerate both single- and multi-threaded applications.

Dell's advanced thermal engineering and efficient processor heat sinks help to sustain Turbo Mode even under extended periods of activity.

Dell partners with leading independent software vendors (ISVs) to certify system compatibility, ensuring that the certified workstation applications you load onto the T3500 will run gracefully right out of the box.

Efficient Design
The Dell Precision T3500 offers a high level of energy efficiency and conforms to major worldwide energy standards, including ENERGY STAR®  5.06, EPEAT®  Gold and Blue Angel (Der Blauer Engel) 2009.

The new generation of Intel®  Xeon®  technology affords the T3500 additional levels of energy efficiency, including the individual management of processor-core clock speeds (via the processor's internal power-control unit) and the ability to boost performance using Intel®  TurboMode.

All new Dell Precision Tower Workstations feature 85% efficient, wide-ranging power supplies for environmentally conscientious computing that doesn't sacrifice on performance.

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