Panasonic JS930 Point of Sale Workstation

Panasonic Updated: 2007-06-29
Panasonic JS930 Point of Sale Workstation

In the world of hospitality, the environment is harsh and your equipment must be designed to withstand the rigors of your operation.

Panasonic's JS930 is built with your restaurant environment in mind.  A durable plastic enclosure encases the JS930's inner system components, which are mounted to a welded steel frame.

Almost equally as important as durability, is ease of use. The spill resistant, adjustable and removable 15" LCD display has a dual back light with high resolution and high contrast images, helping to decrease speed of service and increase order accuracy.

The Panasonic JS930 was built with you in mind and will easily integrate in most any operation.  For more information, click the contact us button above and indicate your interest in the JS930.  One of our knowledgeable staff will contact you shortly.


A processing powerhouse, the JS930 Workstation has a flexible open platform allowing you to run the software application that best suits your operation.