BenQ DC E1050t Digital Camera

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BenQ DC E1050t Digital Camera

See, Touch and Enjoy!
See, Touch and Enjoy!Do away with complicated menus and functions. Just tap the screen with your finger and the whole enjoyment of photography is yours in an a few easy and simple steps.

Intuitive and user-friendly interface: Tap, Circle and Swipe.
The BenQ DSC E1050t does away with complicated buttons. With its 3' large touch-panel LCD and intuitive and user-friendly interface DSC E1050t puts 80% of your photo shooting needs at your fingertips through a set of preset 'hot key' on a 'Single Tap' quick bar. Furthermore, you can tap the screen to browse up to 12 photos at the same time and select multiple photos from each set of pictures to be deleted, protected or printed. Circle specific parts of the photo with the tip of your finger to zoom up to 12X. Crop and save the enlarged section of the photo using the photo cropping function. Swipe your fingertip across the screen to continue browsing through photos. It really cannot get much easier than this.

10 megapixel / 3x optical zoo
With a diamond-cut metallic bar across the top of its matt stainless steel casing, the radiating BenQ DSC E1050t outshines similar products with its striking, simplistic-chic design. The brush-metallic frame outlines the lens which in turn enhances the highly stylish exterior of the E1050t.This compact design also features 10 megapixel resolution and 3x optical zoom lens. Whether you are in front of or behind the camera, you will be the focus of attention!

Tag to Shoot!
The BenQ DSC E1050t allows you to focus, and shoot simultaneously! Simply view through the screen to find the object you want to focus on, and then tap! The E1050t will then adjust itself and deliver amazing results every time.

Night Scene Mode.
The Night Scene Mode really comes in handy when you're celebrating your birthday party in a romantic candle-lit restaurant or dancing all night long with your friends at thehottest club in town. With the lengthened 15 seconds exposure time, every picture you take in a darkened room will be a clear and beautiful one.

In-Camera Red-Eye Correction.
Enjoy the convenience of getting your photos ready for show! The E1050t comes with a built-in Red-Eye Correction function that allows you to remove unsightly "red glowing eyes" during playback.

16:9 HD mode.
Capture high-definition images with the same aspect ratio 16:9 as HDTV (1920 x 1080). When playing back photos in HDTV, you will see full picture with no cut off.

Web Sharing Mode.
In web sharing mode, you can record your precious moments directly in a video size of 640x480 at 30fps up to 10 minutes and the quality is optimized for popular web sharing sites. It's never been this easy to upload video.