BenQ DC X800 Digital Camera

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BenQ DC X800 Digital Camera

In its design, the BenQ DSC X800 focuses on the intrinsic. BenQ uses simple lines to celebrate inherent beauty. By doing away with luxurious complications, we have created the world's thinnest 8 mega pixel camera. The steel breast plate is matted and cozy to hold. The glossy black/red steel covering has a hair-line finishing for an added touch of elegance. Its advanced 3" LTPS LCD screen shows you the world in high-detail beauty.

3x Optical Zoom Prism Lens
The BenQ DSC X800's 3x optical zoom Prism-type lens, which is housed inside the camera, is the key to its slim shape. It can photograph distant settings, and, with its 1cm micro shooting function, objects that are close to the lens. This powerful lens technology allows you to take stunning photos with ease and grace.

Portable Multimedia Player
Accent your great journey with your favorite music and videos. The BenQ DSC X800 offers audio and video multimedia player functionality. Better still, it's easy to use and built right into the camera. When you switch back and forth from photo shooting to multimedia options, the control keys change color – blue for photo shooting and red for multimedia. You can even watch your favorite MPEG-4 videos on your BenQ DSC X800. Whether you are listening to music or watching videos, the accompanying ear-phones offer high quality audio.

The best memories are captured in their natural lighting and without flash bulbs. The BenQ DSC X800 is designed to work perfectly even in darkly-lit environments with support of a high sensitivity up to ISO 4000. Moreover, it features VGA (640x480) resolution in MPEG-4 format, allowing you to capture video clips at 30 frames per second for a smooth video/audio stream.

When you take your photos, you might want to also dictate a verbal note to yourself or add a touch of sound to your memories. The BenQ DSC X800's voice recorder feature makes this a simple part of capturing your memories.

Elegant to Hold and Handle
The BenQ DSC X800 is made to be handled gracefully. With its large screen, slim design and thoughtful control placement, it is light and easy to hold. Just let it rest atop your thumb and forefinger.

Super Shake-Free Function: For When You Can't Stand Still
The BenQ DSC X800 comes with a unique S.S.F (Super Shake-Free) shooting mode. If you are bumped or jostled while you are taking a picture, the S.S.F mode will help to compensate for this and eliminate unwanted blurs.

Auto Face Tracking Function: Everyone in Focus
When you shoot images that are filled with action and people, the BenQ DSC X800 can auto-focus on up to nine faces. Take pictures with confidence that every face will come out clearly.

Z-Lighting: Lights Up Back Lit Images
Sometimes, after you have taken a photo, you notice that your subject appears darkened because it was backlit when you captured the image. With patented Z-lighting, you can adjust the lighting and the balance of your photo in playback mode.

Wise Zoom: High Quality from a Distance
When you travel, often, you see something in the distance that you want to photograph. Wise Zoom gives you up to a 30x zoom effect in VGA size when you focus in on a certain area of a distant scene with no degradation in the quality of your photo.

Supports 4:3/16:9 Aspect Ratios: See on Any Screen
The BenQ DSC X800 supports both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios. So, images that you capture can easily be shared and viewed on a variety of different devices, such as widescreen TV monitors, once you return from your journey.

29 Different Scene Modes: Capture Everything
You don't have to be an expert to get it right. With a variety of built-in shooting modes, the BenQ DSC X800 allows you to capture memories quickly and easily. Look at the list below and you'll see that you'll be able to operate with ease in almost any situation with the following shooting modes:

Auto, Manual, Movie Record, S.S.F, Portrait, Landscape, Sports, Backlight, Night Scene, Beach, Snow, Fireworks, Night Scene Portrait, Self-Portrait, Building, Soft Flowering Water, Landscape Portrait, Web Auction, High ISO Portrait, Food, Museum, Candle Light, Party, Text, Child, Sunset, Flower, Pet, and Voice Record.

MicroSD. Share with Ease
The BenQ DSC X800 stores your photos, videos and voice recordings on a removable MicroSD memory card. You can transfer your memories from your card to your computer, mobile phone, PDA, etc. Either way, you can share with ease.