Canon PowerShot G2 Digital Camera

Canon Updated: 2007-07-26
Canon PowerShot G2 Digital Camera

The Heart of Brilliance: PowerShot G2
Canon's new PowerShot G2 is a precise and powerful tool for professional and advanced amateur photographers who want a very high-resolution digital camera that offers quality, performance, and reliability, similar to fine 35mm SLR cameras.


Superior Image Quality and Color
Richly Detailed Images with 4.0 M CCD and Superb Lifelike Color

The PowerShot G2's 4 megapixel CCD provides high resolution for prints that are comparable to the products of fine 35mm cameras. This increase in resolution produces a dramatic difference in image quality over the standard 2 megapixel class cameras. The CCD is also equipped with primary color filters (RGB) for superior color reproduction. While in the past, primary color filters caused images to be somewhat noisier than complementary color filters, the G2 includes a new IC with improved signal processing to compensate for this. So images are not only rich in detail but also include true-to-life color, and lower noise levels than ever.

Get Closer than Ever Before
Powerful 3x Optical Zoom and Smooth 11x Combined Zoom

The G2 features a genuine Canon 3x Optical Zoom lens giving an 35mm equivalent focal length of 34 to 102mm. And, for even more dramatic close-ups, the G2 has a 3.6x digital zoom. Combined with the optical zoom, you can zoom smoothly in on your subject to a magnification of up to 11x!