Canon PowerShot Pro 90 IS Digital Camera

Canon Updated: 2007-07-27
Canon PowerShot Pro 90 IS Digital Camera

A Better Digital Camera For Professional Use
Let's be honest. You've trusted Canon for your most prized photos. You're serious about getting the most of what you have. You're serious about your cameras. We've developed a camera to suit your growing creative needs. It's convenient enough to tote around just about anywhere. And, it's sophisticated enough to shoot in any situation. We are sure that the range and control you'll get from the Pro90 IS will deliver exactly what you demand from it. How do we know? It's simply Canon Know-How.


High-Resolution 10x Zoom Lens with IS
The 10x zoom 7-70 mm lens on the PowerShot Pro 90 IS, with Canon’s shift-type Image Stabilizer (IS) built in, has brought high-resolution and low distortion pictures right to your fingertips. The new PowerShot Pro 90 IS eliminates blurry pictures from shaky hands while also correcting aberrations and obtaining better background blur. In addition, the IS unit is both compact and highly precise thanks to a newly developed mechanism, making the camera both a practical tool and a delight to hold.

High Image Quality
The PowerShot Pro 90 IS offers the highest digital resolution in its class with 1,856 (H) x 1,392 (V) pixels recorded, which is very suitable for prints from postcard size to 8" x 10". Plus, you’ll get just as brilliant results from close-ups as you do from landscapes. How? Canon Know-How has developed a high-resolution all-glass lens with a 10x zoom range for near and far distances.

Canon has also added a "flash" white balance setting to the usual palette of 4 settings. But because every cloud has a silver lining, you may want to customize your own white balance. In the white paper shooting mode, you can tailor make your own white balance and store the setting into the camera’s memory even after it’s turned off.

The CCD Raw Mode preserves the image’s original quality with reversible lossless compression while enabling post-exposure manipulation of white balance, contrast, sharpening and saturation.