Canon PowerShot S200 Digital Camera

Canon Updated: 2007-07-28
Canon PowerShot S200 Digital Camera

Smaller, Lighter and Packed with Even More Easy Imaging Power.
Just an inch thick and a mere 6.3 ounces, PowerShot S200 is the world's smallest camera in its class. Yet this tiny, stylish wonder sheathed in chrome and stainless steel is loaded with the power and sophisticated technology to let anyone create incredible digital images

Enviable Image Quality
2.0 Megapixel CCD

PowerShot S200 combines 2.0 megapixel resolution with world-famous Canon optics to deliver richly textured images bursting with luminescent color and lifelike detail.

Smooth, Speedy Zooming
2x Canon Optical Zoom Lens and 5x Combined Digital Zoom

Simply touch a button to activate the power of the camera's genuine Canon 2x optical zoom lens and digital zoom that takes you all the way to 5x. With quick, seamless telephoto action, the coin-sized lens puts you precisely where you want to be.

Versatile Shooting Modes
Shooting Modes Including Movie and Photo Effect

Shoot 30-second movie clips complete with sound right from your digital camera! Play them back immediately, jumping to the start or end point, and using convenient options like fast- or single-frame forward and reverse. And now you can give each image its own creative impact, as you're shooting, simply by choosing an option in Photo Effects mode: Low Sharpening for a romantic glow, Vivid Color for dynamic high-contrast, Sepia for a historical feel, Neutral for sophisticated subtlety, and sharp Black & White. You can even use these effects with your movie clips.

Easy by Design
New Interface and Zoom Playback

PowerShot S200 was specifically created to be easy for everyone, with quick, logical access to all functions and one-touch buttons for features you use the most. Menus are simple and clear, and a new switch takes you instantly between still, movie and playback modes. And now you can zoom your images all the way up to 10x when you're playing them back on the LCD screen.

Images Rotated Automatically
Intelligent Orientation Sensor

PowerShot S200's Intelligent Orientation Sensor actually knows whether your images were shot horizontally or vertically. When you play them back on the LCD screen or your computer, they'll be automatically rotated to the right position for viewing.