Canon PowerShot S330 Digital Camera

Canon Updated: 2007-07-28
Canon PowerShot S330 Digital Camera

A World of Easy Imaging Power..... A Few Square Inches of Pure Style.
The new PowerShot S330 takes the Digital ELPH line into the future with signature show-off style, a full line-up of new features and capabilities, and even easier ways to make your images come alive.

Capture Every Nuance and Detail
2.0 Megapixel CCD

A high-resolution 2.0 megapixel CCD and newly modified optics combine to infuse your images with all the dimensional texture, vivid color and subtle variation that make you want to take pictures in the first place. Quality counts, and PowerShot S330 really delivers.

Put Yourself in the Action
3x Optical Zoom and 7.5x Combined Zoom

Why settle for anything less than a genuine Canon optical zoom lens? The retractable, high-resolution 3x optical zoom lens is seamlessly integrated with a 2.5x digital zoom (7.5x combined) for speedy action with a smooth telephoto effect. Near or far, get just the shot you're after with crystal clarity.

More Ways to Get Creative
Shooting Modes Including Movie with Sound and Photo Effect

Create 30-second movie clips complete with sound, then play them back with fast-frame or single-frame forward/reverse and other options. Versatile new Photo Effect mode offers Low Sharpening to reduce edge emphasis, Vivid Color to highlight contrast and definition, Neutral for subdued shots, Sepia for an instant historical feel, and true, sharp-contrast Black & White. These modes can even be applied to your movies clips.

Impressive High-tech Capabilities
My Camera and Voice Memo

My Camera lets you personalize the camera's start-up menu and sounds for start-up, shutter, self-timer and other operations. Choose sounds from the included Solution CD, or use your own digital recordings like favorite music, a pet's sounds or your child's voice. And now keep memories fresh by adding a voice memo up to 60 seconds long while viewing images in playback mode. Leave yourself creative notes or tell future generations who's in the picture and where it was taken, all in a format that never fades.

Designed to be Easy for Everyone
New Function Selector Buttons, Simpler Menu, Zoom Playback

PowerShot S330's major controls are arranged in an intuitive layout, and there are one-touch buttons for frequently-used operations. Menus are large, clear and uncluttered, and guide you easily through all operations. And now in playback you can zoom your images all the up to 10x, in three gradations or a continuous zoom.

Every Shot Correctly Oriented
Intelligent Orientation Sensor

Tired of turning your head (or the camera) during playback? PowerShot S330 is equipped with a futuristic, Intelligent Orientation Sensor that automatically detects whether the pictures you've taken are horizontally or vertically oriented, then properly rotates them for playback on your LCD screen or computer.