Panasonic AW-RC600 Remote Control Unit

Panasonic Updated: 2007-07-01
Panasonic AW-RC600 Remote Control Unit

•  By using RCU cable (AW-CA50T26) and extension cables (WV-CA26T26, WV-CA26U/15/30/100), the AW-RC600 Remote Control Unit can control a camera at the distance of maximum 328 ft (with viewfinder AW-VF64)

•  Basic camera controls on the front panel and full camera control by camera menu

•  Composite, Y/C and component (Y/Pb/Pr, R/G/B) outputs

•  Camera power can be supplied by this RCU

•  Equipped with tally/intercom, AUX (for line view) inputs, and contact-closure type pan-tilt head control input terminal (15-pin D-sub)