Sony FCBEX48C EXview NTSC Color Block Camera

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Sony FCBEX48C EXview NTSC Color Block Camera

The FCB-480C color block camera combines a 1/4 type EXview HAD® CCD with a minimum illumination of 0.7 lux (typical 50 IRE) and an auto ICR function. Comes equipped with a 18x lens featuring Sony's new "SMART" Lens Control technology and upgraded 3-D "Spherical Privacy Zone Masking" function.


* 1/4 type EXview HAD CCD
* Minimum Sensitivity of 0.7 lux (50 IRE)
* 216x total optical zoom (18x optical zoom/12x digital)
* 380,000 pixels (NTSC)
* High-speed serial communication (max. 38.4 kbps) and TTL signal-level control (VISCA™protocol) for quick command processing
* Programmable factory present
* Various AE modes including zoom trigger and interval mode
* Various AF modes including Spot AE mode to optimize the brightness within specific area
* Various customizable settings
* Key switch control compatibility
* Lower power consumption (minimum 1.6 W)
* EEPROM backup system without battery
* Lead-free solder mounting board