Pioneer TD-4003 TAD Driver

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Pioneer TD-4003 TAD Driver

New to the TAD family of Compression Drivers is the TD-4003 which has been newly developed building on the many key design success's found in the TD-4001 and TD-4002 Drivers.

The results of this engineering feat is a product of improved clarity with a linear response over a wide frequency range of 600Hz to 20,000Hz at an SPL of 112dB per Watt at 1 Meter.

Contributing to these improvements is the newly designed Aluminum 5 slit phasing plug. Although the basic design of the phase plug is unchanged, we have made subtle improvements to the shape and material. Also, the use of Neodymium which was successfully featured in the TD-4002 driver, has been utilized in order to achieve increased magnetic flux density of 20,000 gauss while lowering the weight to less than 22 pounds.

A new technique in reducing unwanted resonance caused by AC current interference is our 'Direct Power Coupling' Technology. This allows direct connection from the speaker wire to the Beryllium Diaphragm. The result is a high frequency driver with the dearest sound possible combined with excellent performance and durability.

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