Olympus BF-MP60 Pulmonology Fiber Bronchoscopy

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-10
Olympus BF-MP60 Pulmonology Fiber Bronchoscopy

Unique design incorporates a wide 2.0 mm channel with an outer diameter of only 4.0 mm at the distal end.

* Measures a mere 4.0 mm across at the distal end and 4.4 mm at the insertion tube.

* This scope also incorporates a large 2.0 mm instrument channel able to accommodate standard forceps for use in peripheral lung biopsies.

* Compatible with both OES and EVIS video systems.

* Featuring a wide 120º field of view for clear observation of a large area and 180º up/130º down angulation for easier maneuvering in the bronchi, the versatile BF-MP60 is an excellent choice for tracheobronchial applications.