Olympus BF-XP160F Pulmonology Hybrid-Video Bronchoscopy

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-10
Olympus BF-XP160F Pulmonology Hybrid-Video Bronchoscopy

Combining the superior image quality of video with the versatility of fiberoptics, the Olympus BF-XP160F offers unprecedented access to the farthest recesses of the peripheral bronchi – an area previously accessible only with a fiberscope. With an ultra-slim insertion tube measuring a mere 2.8 mm in diameter, this innovative “hybrid” scope boasts a surprisingly large 1.2 mm diameter instrument channel and high-quality video images that will set a new standard for bronchoscopy in the peripheral lung.

* While the ultra-slim 2.8 mm insertion tube on its own improves insertion characteristics significantly, the BF-XP160F features other refinements such as a smaller bending radius and greater resistance to warping than a comparable fiberscope.
* Even with its slim design, the BF-XP160F incorporates a 1.2 mm diameter channel that can accommodate a variety of EndoTherapy accessories.
* Because the CCD is built into the control section, the BF-XP160F is able to take advantage of video technology to deliver images that are much sharper and clearer than could be obtained with a fiberscope.
* The image size on the monitor is significantly larger than that of a fiberscope, making images easier to observe.
* An advanced, ergonomic design makes the control section easier to handle and helps to reduce operator fatigue.
* There is no need to adjust focus and the automatic light adjustment system is fast and responsive, ensuring clear, high-quality images with minimum halation.
* Standardized accessories can be used with all previous and current bronchovideoscopes and bronchofiberscopes.
* The BF-XP160F is fully compatible with EVIS CV-100, CV-140, CV-160 and CV-180 Video Processors.