Olympus LTF-160 Pulmonology Pleura Video Bronchoscopy

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-10
Olympus LTF-160 Pulmonology Pleura Video Bronchoscopy

With the incidence of respiratory disease on the rise worldwide, thoracoscopes are becoming an indispensable part of every physician’s tool kit. The Olympus LTF-160 has been specially designed to simplify and streamline medical thoracoscopy under local anesthesia with a slim, flexible design that allows you to quickly perform procedures. Unlike rigid scopes, the LTF-160 requires only a single puncture. And unlike fiberscopes, the LTF-160 makes it easy for you to keep your orientation inside the pleural cavity. This handy scope is also autoclavable, so percutaneous procedures can be performed with confidence.

* The insertion tube measures a slim 7.0 mm in diameter, yet still offers a powerful range of capabilities including 160º upward / 130º downward two-way tip angulation and a 2.8 mm diameter channel.
* Fully compatible with the EVIS EXERA CV-160, as well as with the earlier EVIS 100 and 140 processors.
* For easy, quick, and cost-effective sterilization, the LTF-160 is autoclavable. To protect electrical connections, a dedicated waterproof cap is provided.
* Images are displayed with outstanding sharpness and clarity on the monitor in a big easy-to-view screen that’s larger than the round screen used with rigid scope images.
* The ergonomic control section features four remote switches to let you operate connected ancillary equipment without taking your hand off the control.
* The LTF-160 can be used in conjunction with various electrosurgical devices.
* Compatible with Olympus CV-140, CV-160 and CV-180 Video Processors.