HIS H155HMF256EL1N-R X1550 Video Card

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HIS H155HMF256EL1N-R X1550 Video Card

HIS X1550 iFan 512MB HyperMemory w/256MB (64bit) DDR2 (Low Profile) PCIe x1

Product Code: H155HMF256EL1-R
Cooler: iFan
GPU: 1550
Core Clock: 550 MHz
Memory Clock: 800 MHz
Memory Size: 512 MB
Memory Type: DDR2
Memory Interface: 64 bit
Interface: PCI-Express x1

* Powered by ATI Radeon X1550 - 550MHz
* 256MB-64bit 4 channel DDR2 memory - 800MHz
* 4 Pixel shader processors
* 2 Vertex shader processors
* 4 Geometry Pipelines
* Ultra-threaded SM 3.0 Engine
* ATI AvivoTM
* High Precision Architecture
* PCI Express® x1 lane support
* Compatible for Dell Dimension E310 Desktop


* RV515 80nm process
* Vertex and Pixel Shader 3.0
* Dynamic Branching and Flow Control
* 128-bit FP32 Processing
* 128-way Ultra-threaded dispatch processor
* High Dymanic Range rendering
* All stage Trilinear (16X) Anisotropic Filtering
* Full (HQ) Anisotropic Filtering
* Temporal Anti-Aliasing mode
* 6X Adaptive AA
* 12-tap error-free Dynamic Soft Shadows
* High resolution texture support (up to 4k x 4k)
* H.264 Accelerated
* Dual-Link DVI
* DirectX® 9 and OpenGL® supported


* HIS delivers Faster, Cooler, Quieter plus the best quality product!
* Platinum packing with software bundle
* Professional customer service and technical support


* CyberLink Power2Go™5
* CyberLink Medi@Show™3
* CyberLink PowerDirector™5


* S-Video Cable
* Conversion Cable Mini-Din to RCA
* HDTV Output cable
* DVI to VGA Dongle