HIS HMV-MAC-PC Multi-View Adapter

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HIS HMV-MAC-PC Multi-View Adapter

Traditional you can only connect to a monitor once at a time. The HIS Multi-View extends your workspace by allowing you to connect up to 6 monitors to your laptop or desktop at the same time, via the USB 2.0 port. You can either mirror the primary monitor, or extend the screen to view more applications.

Multi-tasking is made far easier

Imagine you can browse a webpage on your primary monitor, doing word processing on second monitor, while playing a DVD on the third screen. HIS Multi-View introduces the whole new computing experience! Just plugs in the HIS Multi-View and a few clicks, you get the workspace multiply! Once you have more than one monitor hooked up, multi-tasking is made far easier.


1. Support Mac & PC
2. Windows Vista compatible
3. Add-on monitor, LCD or projector through a single USB 2.0 port
4. Supports up to 6 Multi-View adapter to work simultaneously
5. Easy plug and display
6. Add or remove monitor without system reboot
7. Up to 1600 x 1200 or 1680 x 1050 resolution
8. Smooth DVD playback

Best for

1. Office Workstation
2. Graphics Workstation
3. Editing Workstation
4. Financial Analysis
5. Entertainment
6. Financial Analysis
7. Entertainment


1. Multi-View Adapter
2. DVI to VGA adaper
3. USB 2.0 cable
4. User Manual