Brother BAS-326G Auto Sewing Machine

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Brother BAS-326G Auto Sewing Machine

Direct Drive Programmable Electronic Pattern Sewer with Cylinder Bed

* Attractive sewing accurate to the sewing data
* High productivity with maximum sewing speed 2,700 rpm
* By using PD-3000 Programmer, creation and management of sewing data is easily done
* Sewing area (X-Y): 220 X 100 mm
* For medium materials / heavy materials
* Max. sewing speed: 2,700 rpm
* Stitch length: 0.05-12.7 mm
* Number of stitches: Max. 20,000 stitches per pattern


* Presser foot control mechanism always provides uniform thread tightness
* Smooth and beautiful stitches can be produced with a minimum resolution of 0.05mm
* Productivity is increased with maximum sewing speed of 2,700rpm
* Economical operation with low power consumption
* Simple adjustment
* Environmentally friendly
* Powerful needle penetration force

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