Denon AVR-2308CI Home Theater Receiver

Denon Updated: 2008-10-03 RSS
Denon AVR-2308CI Home Theater Receiver

The AVR-2308CI has been redesigned to become the focal point of today's advanced home theater system.

The AVR-2308CI's audio and video circuitry have been revised to the latest designs offered today, yielding high-end surround performance in an upper mid priced A/V receiver.

HDMI v1.3a ports allow for playback of many of today's audio video formats, and at the same time, provide ease of use and operation.

High power, low distortion rated amplifiers deliver pure clean sound for enhanced listening enjoyment.

External system control has also been considered for integration into home control systems with the employment of an RS-232C control port.

The AVR-2308CI also provides IR and D.C. ports for expanded control and integration.

Setup has been simplified by simply plugging in the included calibration microphone and starting the calibration process.  Dual remotes are provided for multi-room operation.