Pioneer VSX-819H 5-Channel A/V Receiver

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Pioneer VSX-819H 5-Channel A/V Receiver

The pursuit of perfection demands a continual commitment to push the boundaries and the VSX-819H is yet another exceptional result of that philosophy.

As the VSX-819H was designed specifically as a high definition control center with HDMI® connectivity for sources such as Blu-ray Disc® players and HD-Audio decoding capabilities, you're assured ultimate performance.

Even with portable entertainment demands increasing every day and devices such as the iPhone® becoming the de facto choice for many with respect to enjoying their photos, videos and music, the VSX-819H still delivers.

Connecting to your iPhone, iPod® and iTouch® devices, the VSX819H has never been easier with a front USB port and included cable. And because it's Works with iPhone certified, the VSX-819H delivers a multitude of features designed to bring the entertainment stored on your iPhone into your home theater.

Music and movies are automatically muted with incoming calls; compressed music files are greatly enhanced with Advanced Sound Retriever; consistent volume is maintained with Auto Level Control - all while the control of your media remains in the palm of your hand through the iPhone itself or the VSX-819H's remote.

And when you are ready to watch a Blu-ray Disc movie, get ready to experience only the highest quality audio in existence today with DTS-HD® and Dolby® TrueHD decoding, delivering up to 7.1 channels of surround sound at 96 kHz/24-bit high-resolution.

Couple that with the benefits of our Advanced Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration (MCACC) providing precision room calibration with the world's first fully automated system and your entertainment options are processed with the utmost accuracy.

Power Amplifier Design: Discrete (Advanced Direct Energy)
Surround Power: 110 x 5
Channels: 5
THD: 1 kHz w// 0.05% THD @ 8 ohm

Calibration Features
MCACC Speaker Calibration: Auto
Symmetric EQ: Yes
EQ Bands: 5

Digital Audio Processing
Digital Engine: Aureus by Texas Instruments
Dolby TrueHD: Yes
Dolby Digital Plus: Yes
Dolby Digital EX: Yes
Dolby Digital 5.1: Yes
Dolby Pro-Logic II: Yes
DTS-HD Master Audio: Yes
DTS-HD High Resolution: Yes
DTS-Express: Yes
DTS 96/24: Yes
DTS NEO:6: Yes
Dolby Pro Logic IIx: Yes
DTS 5.1: Yes
HDMI SACD Transfer: Yes
HDMI DVD-Audio Transfer: Yes

Digital Video Processing
Video Adjustment: Yes
HDMI 1080p Video Transfer: Yes

Sound Enhancements
Auto Surround: Yes
Stream Direct: Yes
Auto Level Control: Yes (2-Channel)
Phase Control: Yes
Advanced Surround Modes: 8+1
Front Stage Surround Advance: (Focus)
Sound Retriever: Yes
Midnight Mode: Yes
Loudness: Yes
Tone Control: Yes

HDMI In: 3
Works with iPhone: Yes
Component Video In / Monitor Out: 2/1
AV In / Rec.Out: 3/1
Audio In / Rec.Out (inc. tuner & front): 4/1
iPod: Digital USB w/ OSD
XM Satelite Radio: Yes
Sirius Satelite Radio: Yes
Digital Coaxial Input: 1
Digital Optical Input / Output: 2
Analog Multi-ch input: 5.1
Preamp Output: Sub/Surround Back L/R
Headphone Out: Yes

On-Screen Display: Yes
Display Dimmer: Yes
Sleep Timer: Yes
Front A/V Terminals: Yes
AM/FM Preset: 30
AM/FM Station Rename: Yes

Remote Control
Type: Preset

Finish: Urushi
Speaker Terminals: Large

Dimensions (inches): 16 9/16 x 6 1/4 x 13 11/16
Weight: 19 lbs 3 oz

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