Sony ALT-SA32PC Multi-Room Music System

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Sony ALT-SA32PC Multi-Room Music System

Enjoy music across multiple rooms with the ALT-SA32PC wireless multi-room music system for PC. A perfect companion to your notebook or desktop computer, this music system streams your favorite songs on your PC to two included high-output premium speakers. Powered by S-AIR digital wireless technology, the multi-room music system for PC makes it a breeze to enjoy your music everywhere, with wires nowhere.

High quality sound
Enjoy superb sound quality when you transmit from your PC to up to two additional rooms in your home with the included high-output premium speakers.

Multi-room listening
S-AIR Digital Wireless technology makes it easy to enjoy your favorite music in multiple rooms in your house, without unsightly wires or the hassle of custom installations.

Optional expandability
The Sony Multi-room Music System for PC can be paired with up to 8 additional S-AIR enabled premium and/or socket speakers (two premium speakers included, additional sold separately) that allow you to transmit high quality audio from your PC to multiple rooms in your home.

Digital wireless PC transmitter
An included USB S-AIR enabled Digital Wireless PC transmitter makes it easy to free the music stored on your computer and enjoy your favorite songs in another room of your home.

Unique music management software
Unique music management software taps into your existing playlists in iTunes and Windows Media Player, and even lets you create new channels of your favorite songs.

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