Genius KB-21e Scroll keyboard

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Genius KB-21e Scroll keyboard

The Genius Comfy KB-21e Scroll is an innovative office - Internet keyboard with the new Genius logo and 21 "One Touch" keys. With additional Office Hot Keys and a Scroll Wheel, you get easier access to office programs - open Word & Excel instantly. It also has a feature of fast browsing on the Internet and in Windows documents. The 125/126/127/128/130 key compatible layout includes instant access to multimedia, Internet, E-mail, my computer, and calculator functions. In addition, it also includes a comfortable palm rest to give your hands better typing posture.

Key features:

* Office-Internet keyboard with 21 Easy Touch Keys
* Office easy keys for Word and Excel programs
* Scroll wheel for fast browsing on the Internet, in Windows documentsand switch between applications
* Palm-rest design gives your hands great typing posture
* Membrane tactile switches give comfort to your fingers
* Supports: Windows XP/Me/2000/98
* Euro dollar-sign support for European countries

KB-21e Scroll
AT: Yes
PS/2: Yes
Number of Easy Keys: 21
Internet Keys: 9
Multimedia Keys: 8
Calculator: 1
My computer: 1
Office Features: 2, [Word, Excel]
Scroll Wheel: Yes [2D Wheel]