Genius NumPad Key Pad

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Genius NumPad Key Pad

20 key USB numeric key pad

Numpad isa new Genius USB numeric key pad that is ideal for a mobile user either at home or in the office. The slim classic design offers your hand great typing posture. The low profile keys are convenient for data input, easy to use and the perfect complement to your notebook for anyone working on spreadsheets, accounting or financial applications.

A full size silent key cap structure design provides low noise comfort. It's really easy to set up, just plug it into your notebook computer, no driver required. An additional screen lock button lets you lock your screen to protect your notebook or computer.

Numpad is a perfect partner if you use spreadsheets and financial applications often, just ask your local salesperson for more information about this numeric key pad.

Key features:

* USB Plug-and-Play technology for notebooks
* Full size key for convenience and fast data input.
* Water resistant function for protection of liquid spills

USB: Yes
Operation System: Windows Vista/XP x64/XP/2000
Number of Hot key: 1
Screen Lock: 1