Genius LuxeMate 720 Laser Wireless Desktop Combo

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Genius LuxeMate 720 Laser Wireless Desktop Combo

LuxeMate 720 is the latest comfortable slim multimedia keyboard kit for Windows Vista from Genius. LuxeMate 720 offers instant access keys for Windows Vista, office, the Internet and music/video playback. Popular frequently used keys such as Flip 3D, Screen lock, Photo gallery, MSN, YouTube are included. Featuring enhanced wireless power saving technology, you can make your life easier and much more convenient. Advanced features also include a water spill function to prevent any accidental drink spills, a 4 direction pad for webpage browsing, zoom in or out, and a palm rest and keyboard stand. The sleek new design of the wireless laser mouse has an excellent laser engine that can track on a variety of surfaces better than an optical device even on tricky polished or wood-grain surfaces. The mouse features laser technology to provide more surface coverage and enhances the smoothness of the cursor movement. It also features 1200dpi and 4 way scrolling. Contact your sales representative for more information.

Key features:

* Slim RF Vista desktop combo in new stylish design
* Instant access to Internet browsing, media center control and office tool features
* Keyboard with 4 way pad for mouse scrolling and zoom in/out function
* High precision laser mouse with 4D scrolling function

LuxeMate 720 Laser
Interface Support: USB: Yes
Radio Frequency: 27MHz
System Support: Windows Vista/XP x64/XP/2000: Yes
Keyboard features: Number of Hotkeys: 16
Keyboard features- Vista keys: Flip 3D: Yes
Screen Lock: Yes
Photo Gallery: Yes
Keyboard features- Office keys: Word, Excel, PowerPoint:Yes
Keyboard features- Internet keys: MSN, Youtube, Blog, Auto Search, Close Window: Yes
Keyboard features: Multimedia Center: Yes
4-way pad : Yes
Batteries for keyboard: Two AA alkaline batteries
Mouse features: Optical / Laser: Laser
Number of Buttons: Yes
Batteries for mouse: Two AA alkaline batteries