TabletKiosk SDV-BKYB Bluetooth Keyboard

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TabletKiosk SDV-BKYB Bluetooth Keyboard

Ultra-Portable Bluetooth standard keyboard for use with both eo UMPCs and Sahara Slate PC Tablet PCs.

Folds in half and latches closed for easy storage.

Powered by 2x AAA batteries.

This compact standard keyboard does not included Function keys.

Dimensions open: 11.25 in. x 3.875 in. x 0.5 in. (285mm x 98mm x 15mm)

Folds to: 5.6875 in. x 3.875 in. x 0.75 in. (144mm x 98mm x 17mm)

NOTE: Sahara Slate PC i200 series and original Transmeta Sahara Slate PC Tablet PCs will require the use of a third party Bluetooth module.