Cuisinart PRC-4 Classic 4-Cup Percolator

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Cuisinart PRC-4 Classic 4-Cup Percolator

Cuisinart brings its coffee-making expertise to the 4-cup model of our classic stainless steel percolator. Piping hot water percolates through the grounds, and pulses up into the transparent knob on top, to create the familiar perk-perk sound that coffee lovers wait to hear. A detachable cord and stay-cool bottom lets this percolator go anywhere to serve, and it only needs to be plugged in to keep it hot.

Product Features

2 to 4 cup capacity
Precision no-drip spout: long, tapered and pours
without a spill
Stainless steel housing
Transparent knob reveals progress of the brew cycle
Comfortable handle
Stay-cool bottom ? sits safely on any surface without scarring
Ready indicator light shows when coffee is ready to pour and enjoy
Detachable cord
Limited 3-Year Warranty

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