KitchenAid KSC700GC Slow Cooker

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KitchenAid KSC700GC Slow Cooker

The most powerful premium slow cooker on the market also delivers a host of innovative features that help you achieve mouthwatering results every time. Its 400-watt heating element quickly heats food to USDA-recommended temperatures, while the advanced temperature management system ensures that food stays moist and tender. Five programmable settings allow for flexible cooking and serving. Plus, the slow cooker's 7-quart ceramic pot has a unique rounded rectangular design that offers more space for cooking roasts and poultry, and makes pouring soups, stews and stock an easy task.

* Our exclusive Food-Temperature Alert electronic temperature sensor monitors the cooking process and alerts you if the temperature drops below the USDA-recommended range.
* Thanks to its reserve power, the slow cooker can quickly regain optimum cooking temperatures if the lid is removed during cooking or if there's a power outage.
* The programmable digital timer and eye-catching LCD display make it easy to set cook times - from 10 minutes up to nine hours, 59 minutes.
* Designed to minimize spills, the pot rim is flared to catch drips while the liner fits snugly to prevent food from getting trapped.
* The large handles and rugged reinforced housing make it easy to lift without spilling.
* Incremental marking on the ceramic pot's interior reduces the guesswork when you add ingredients or plan storage for leftovers.
* The glass lid lets you view food while it's cooking, while its form-fitting soft silicone seal locks in moisture to keep food tender. The lid and seal are dishwasher safe.

Number of Temperature Settings: 5
Heating Element Wattage: 400 Watts
Programmable Timer: Up to 10 Hours
Illustrated Instruction & Recipe Guide

Depth: 12 3/8 in.
Height: 10 in.
Width: 14 25/32 in.

Large Lid Handle
Interior Capacity Markings
Wall Standoff Bumper
Large, Nonslip Rubber Feet
Large Housing Handles

Food-Temperature Alert
Integrated Cord Storage
Cooking Time Display
Indicator Lights