NEC NW452 Automatic Washing Machine

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NEC NW452 Automatic Washing Machine

This innovative washing system ("fuzzy logic system") uses sophisticated sensors to allow 'one-touch washing'. You'll come back to perfect results every time, it's that easy, it's that convenient.

A state-of-the-art multi-flow water system produces a consistent, powerful, 3 dimensional water flow that ensures a consistent wash for all your laundry items. The water streams steadily from the pulsator to ensure even the smallest items receive attention. Strong air-bubbles penetrate the cloth, cleaning gently, efficiently and effectively. The result? Your clothing and other laundry will look better and last longer than ever before


* Fuzzy Logic Washing - one touch washing at your finger tips.
* Stainless Steel Bowl - tough and durable
* Double Washing Action - air bubbles and water currents gently and efficiently wash your clothes.
* 4.5Kg Capacity - large and easy loading bowl
* 3 Water Levels: High, Medium, Low
* 6 Automatic Wash Course Selections: Fuzzy Logic, Fuzzy Logic+Soak, Heavy, Heavey+Soak, Speedy, Delicate 2 Year
* Warranty - All parts and labour
* RRP: $539.00


* Dimensions (mm) : 525(W) x 848(H) x 535(D)
* Weight : 29Kg