Sony F112 Interview Microphone

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Sony F112 Interview Microphone

The Sony F-112 is a high-quality handheld dynamic microphone, specifically designed for field production and newsgathering applications. The F-112 is equipped with a newly developed omni-directional microphone capsule, and it achieves highly sensitive and clear voice pick-up from all directions. Its robust body construction enables stable sound acquisition even in the harshest of environments encountered in the field. In addition, the F-112 offers a well thought-out ergonomic design which provides a stable grip, as well as optimized balance when combined with a Sony wireless plug-on transmitter – features essential for conducting smooth interviews. With its high performance, durability, and sophisticated design, the F-112 microphone is an ideal choice for demanding voice pick-up applications.


* Superior sound quality
* Flat-and-wide frequency response
* Robust and sophisticated design


Superior Sound Quality: Incorporating a newly developed omni-directional microphone capsule, the F-112 delivers a high sensitivity of -54 dB (0 dB=1 V/Pa.), allowing clear voice pick-up from any direction.

Flat-and-wide Frequency Response: The F-112 has a flat-and-wide frequency response (60 Hz to 17 kHz), which provides smooth and natural sound reproduction.

Robust and Sophisticated Design: The F-112 has been designed with special considerations for heavy-duty field use. The body is made of metal, offering a high level of durability to withstand severe conditions encountered in demanding sound pick-up scenarios. In addition, its well-balanced design allows comfortable handling when used in conjunction with a Sony wireless plug-on transmitter.


Capsule Type: Dynamic
Connector: XLR-3-12C type
Dimensions: 13/16 inch diameter (handle), 1 1/2 inch diameter (head) and 7 1/2 inch (length)
Directivity: Omni-Directional
Frequency Response: 60 Hz to 17 kHz
Induction Noise from External Magnetic Field: Less than 5 dB SPL/1 x 10-7 T (1 mG)
Output Impedance at 1kHz (Balanced) (1/2 ± 20%): 400 Ω ±20%
Sensitivity: -54 dB ±3 dB ( 0 dB=1 V/Pa., at 1 kHz)
Weight: 6 oz
Wind Noise: Less than 50 dB SPL

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