Sony WCS-999 Wireless Microphone System

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Sony WCS-999 Wireless Microphone System

The WCS-999 wireless microphone system is for use with video camcorders and portable audio recorders. The system features a transmission range up to 150 feet, depending on conditions, and a 900 MHz FM transmission for high-quality sound. The complete kit includes a lavalier microphone, transmitter, receiver and monitoring earphone, three channels with a selector switch for low interference and a compact, lightweight design.

Lets you record voices up to 150 feet away
depending on environment and transmission conditions

Ideal for video camcorders--
captures the voices of family members on vacation, in sporting events, at recitals, birthdays and weddings

Ideal for Pressman® portable audio recorders
captures lectures and speeches, good for music and nature study

Supplied lavalier microphone
is tiny and unobtrusive, clips onto shirt or tie

Built-in windscreen
helps reduce the microphone's pickup of wind noise

Electret condenser microphone design
for high quality and small size

microphone pattern picks up sound from all directions

Pocket-sized wireless transmitter
is easy to hide, clips onto clothing for unobtrusive use

Plug-in power
for compatible Sony microphones, no need for separate mic battery

Wireless receiver
plugs into camcorder or audio recorder mic input; easily clips onto clothing, camcorder hand strap or shoulder strap

Three transmission channels
enable you to choose another channel if you encounter interference

Monitoring earphone
lets you hear what's being recorded; plugs into wireless receiver

Mic mixing
lets the camera operator and the subject both be recorded; requires a second microphone, optional, such as the Sony ECM-T145

Compact, lightweight design--
the antennas are built into the transmitter and receiver

900 MHz wide FM transmission
for outstanding sound quality, excellent frequency response (100 -- 15,000 Hz) and extended dynamic range (more than 78 dB)

Switchable transmission channel
lets you choose the channel with clear, noise-free sound

Product Specifications

* Range: up to 150 feet, depending on environment and transmission conditions, including obstructions and other RF sources
* RF Power: 94 dBµ V/m at 3 m, complies with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Part 15
* Carrier Frequency: 912 -- 915MHz; Channel 1: 912.900MHz; Channel 2: 913.800MHz; Channel 3: 914.400 MHz
* Modulation: FM
* Frequency Response: 100 -- 15,000Hz
* Dynamic Range: More than 78dB
* Output Level: -55.2, ±4 dBm (0 dBm = 1 mW/Pa, 1,000Hz)
* Output Impedance: 1 kohm
* Microphone Directivity: Omni-Directional
* Maximum Sound Pressure Level: more than 114dB SPL
* Microphone Cord Length: Approx. 39" (1 meter)
* Oscillator: Crystal Controlled
* Signal Processing: Compressor
* Antenna: Built-in
* Power Requirements: DC 1.5V, requires AA battery (not supplied)
* Battery Life: Approximately 20 hours with Sony Alkaline battery
* Mic Input: Stereo minijack with plug-in power
* Oscillator: SAW resonator
* Signal Processing: Expander
* Monitor Output Level: Approx. 2 mW, 16 ohms
* Earphone Jack: Monaural mini plug
* Mix Mixing Jack: Monaural mini plug
* Output Cord Length: Approx. 18" (450mm)
* Output Plug: Monaural miniplug
* Earphone Cord Length: Approx. 18" (45cm)

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