BenQ S88 Mobile Phone

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BenQ S88 Mobile Phone

Life is color. Color is life.
When your life isn't dull and drab, your phone shouldn't be either. Which is why at BenQ-Siemens, we've fashioned a phone that'll mesmerize you with the brightest, most vibrant colors you've ever seen on screen. The new BenQ-Siemens S88, sporting a revolutionary OLED display.

The magic of OLED– colors more vivid than ever
If there's a painter in your soul, then the S88's 262k full-color screen is your rich canvas. And it's all thanks to a technology called OLED, that displays colors brighter and more vividly than any other phone you've seen. Because in an OLED screen, every single pixel is individually powered with its own luminance, making any image truly come alive, brighter beyond imagination.

Caution: Picture may cause envy!
Take a picture. Any picture. Shoot it first with your S88 and then, with your friend's ordinary phone….wow! The difference is stunning, the difference is OLED.

Incredible contrast ratio: how black is your black?
Thanks to an extraordinary 10000: 1 contrast ratio, you'll see color gradation fifty times more clearly on the OLED screen than on ordinary TFTs with 200:1 contrast ratios. So every image almost pops out of the screen with lifelike details.

Flawless from all angles
Let people admire your pictures from all around. The evenly-lit OLED screen ensures that images appear full and flawless from a wider viewing angle of 170 degrees, compared to the 120 degree view of TFTs.

Beauty more balanced
Dull areas no more, brightness all over. Unlike back-lit screens, every tiny pixel in the OLED screen is lit individually, displaying a truly balanced brightness.

Color saturation to max satisfaction
Ever clicked someone blushing on camera? On the S88, you could spot the difference between startled pink and shocking red. Because each pixel individually emits light, without wasting any brightness, the S88 delivers maximum color saturation.

So good as a camera, you may forget it's a phone too
Wouldn't it be great if those spur-of-the-moment shots you take with your camera phone came out looking just as good as ones captured on a stand-alone digital camera? Imagine if you could rely on the camera in your phone to shoot great photos of even action scenes or nighttime views. That may sound too good to be true, but with the S88 it's now a reality. The S88 is so good as a camera, you'll forgive yourself if you forget it's a phone too.

Camera without compromises
While regular camera phones put the camera second, the S88 gives you a two-megapixel camera that produces spectacular 1600 x 1200 photos. There's an ultra-bright dual-LED flash to light up your shots, and auto-focus for clear photos of even moving objects. A microSDTMcard slot that accepts memory cards with up to 1GB of storage is perfect for all the photographs you're sure to take.

Software makes it shine
The S88 gives you not only an advanced camera, but also superb software for unprecedented flexibility. Set shooting modes—such as macro, night, and sports—to get satisfying results without fussing with complicated manual settings. You can even adjust ISO values, white balance, and other settings to fine-tune colors and reduce noise in your shots. Finally, print out your great shots without a PC by connecting directly to a printer using PictBridge.

As much camera as phone
The S88 lets you use its photo features in an intuitive and familiar way because its interface is just like a camera's. Turning it sideways changes the LCD into a roomy preview screen, and the top edge puts the shutter button right where your hands are accustomed to having it on a camera. The keypad has hot keys for frequently used camera functions, while the on-screen menus will be instantly familiar to any digital camera user.

Groove with music, move with video
Like it does with still images, the S88's large 2" display offers an unforgettable video experience, vivid in color, rich in clarity. And if you're looking for music, plug on the complimentary handsfree set and swing along to your favorite MP3s. Or play some JAVA games, delighting in the brilliant graphic display of the OLED screen. The S88 surrounds you with entertainment wherever you go.

Connectivity to share colors
With such brilliant image quality, you'll want to pass your pics around. This is when you'll appreciate the S88's Bluetooth functionality, enabling you to connect with the rest of the world. You can also fully synchronize your phone with your PC using the BenQ PC Sync Tool and attached USB cable, allowing the S88 to double up as mass storage with its extended  microSDTM card. And guess what, if you just want to print, you don't even need a PC: the S88's compatibility with PictBridge allows you to connect your phone with a printer without going through a PC. With the new S88, even connectivity has many shades!