BenQ P51 Mobile Phone

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BenQ P51 Mobile Phone

Crisp looks
The P51's elegant silver-hued construction exudes a confident sense of sophistication, looking good without fuss. The simple lines and restrained color scheme convey a stylishness with flair but not empty flash.

Large display
The P51's big 2.83" touch-screen display is the most obvious sign that this is a device designed around practical concerns—and not just to look pretty. The roomy screen means it's not only feasible, but productive, to view and edit business documents when you're away from a PC.

Efficient keyboard
The P51's QWERTY keypad includes all the keys most commonly used on a computer keyboard, each one precision tooled and laid out for quick, easy, and accurate text input.

A phone that means business
The P51 is loaded with features that will help you be at your productive best.

Work fast, work easy
Based on Windows Mobile 5.0, the P51 gives you a familiar environment for handling work data, meaning there's virtually no learning curve. You can view Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files right on the P51, and even edit word processing documents and spreadsheets. Besides, you can easily find and install other useful tools to enhance your productivity. You also get the P51's own handy PIM applications to organize your work and personal life, and a speech commander that lets you use a natural way to command the P51.

Sync it up, keep it safe
Whether you edited data on the P51 or your PC, ActiveSync makes it easy to make sure you have the most up-to-date version in both places. You can also keep a copy of your calendar, to-do lists, and contacts on your P51 for easy access. A handheld device that's so useful for handling important business and personal data wouldn't be a wise choice without strong security features, and the P51 comes through in this area as well. With pre-installed backup software, as well as anti-virus utilities, your data is safe on the P51.

Push mail
If you've ever felt frustrated having to constantly check for an important e-mail you're expecting—or failed to see an e-mail message when you really needed to—you'll appreciate the P51's push mail support. It means you can be notified when new mail is received, without time lags—and without the hassle of connecting manually.

Get connected at high speed with WLAN 802.11b/g
Your communications are not limited to voice calls, so it's unfortunate when you have to leave behind handy means of communications such as instant messaging if you don't have a computer handy. With the P51, you don't have to cut yourself off. Its integrated WLAN support means you can not only carry on IM chats on your phone, but you can use VoIP services like Skype to save money and enrich your voice calls as well. And of course, WLAN support enables fast, reliable Web and e-mail access.

Get where you're going
To help you get to your destinations with minimum fuss and no time wasted, the P51 offers GPS navigation assistance. Through a fully integrated GPS receiver, simply activate the service to pinpoint your current location on an always up-to-date on-screen map and view the best route to your next meeting, a scenic spot, or an intriguing restaurant. You can use the P51's GPS capabilities to save time by minimizing the amount time you spend going from place to place, and to make new discoveries that will enhance your leisure life.

It's showtime for sure
When it's time for a little fun, the P51's full slate of multimedia entertainment options won't let you down. In addition to a built-in 1.3-megapixel camera that can shoot both still photos and video, the P51 also includes a high-performance media player. With it you can enjoy video, digital music, and images in a range of popular formats. Whether you want to capture the highlights of your work or leisure life in photos or video, or kick back with your favorite multimedia content, the P51 has got you covered. And because it's based on Windows, the P51 gives you access to a virtually unlimited array of other multimedia applications and games.

Make all your connections
The P51 doesn't stint in connectivity options besides its WLAN and GPS capabilities. You can also take advantage of Bluetooth networking to make phone calls with a wireless headset, and move data to and from the P51 wirelessly. The P51's support for A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) means you can enjoy full-bodied stereo sound while listening to your favorite tunes on Bluetooth headset. The P51 also provides a USB port for data syncing, SD/MMC card slot for expanding storage, and SDIO support that brings access to a vast array of compatible peripherals.