Pioneer PDP-505HD Plasma Monitor

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Pioneer PDP-505HD Plasma Monitor

This is an incredibly life-like viewing experience: the PDP-505HD Plasma Display flawlessly reproduces High-Definition broadcasts, DVD's, games, computer graphics data, the Net, home movies...on a 50" (Diagonal) screen less than 4" thick that you can hang on the wall. The 505HD up-converts all sources to a 768 progressive display, resulting in stunning clarity and definition. Watching movies and surfing the Net will never be the same.

Performance Features:

* XGA resolution - 16:9 (1280 x 768), 4:3 (1024x768)
* Automatic conversion of any source to 768 progressive display
* 16.77 million colors
* 0.858 x 0.808 pixel pitch (mm)
* Viewing angle of 160 degrees x 160 degrees
* 5 cinema modes
* Adjustable color temperature
* Remote control
* Encased cell structure
* PureCinema 2:3 pull down film detection


* Auto select RGB input/component video input, with BNC connectors
* D-Sub 15 computer input
* Dedicated component input
* S-Video/composite NTSC input

Optional Accessories:

* Wall bracket
* HDTV tuner
* Table Top Stand

XGA Resolution:

* eXtended graphics array was introduced by IBM in 1990 and supports 1024x768 resolution for 4:3 and 1280x768 for 16:9.