Pioneer PDP-5070HD Plasma Display

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Pioneer PDP-5070HD Plasma Display


* Redesigned Deep Encased Cell Structure to improve brightness, image accuracy and panel efficiency
* New First-Surface Pure Color Filter for enhanced contrast, color and reduction in light reflection on screen
* Crystal Emissive Layer for deeper blacks and increased brightness of images
* New and Improved Red and Blue Phosphors creating a brighter, purer and wider color space, improving the overall HD experience
* New Dielectric Layer for improved light management and efficiency of panel
* Wide Viewing Angle of 160° - horizontal and vertical with no color shift or picture distortion


* Pure Drive II Signal Processing – Full time 10-bit Digital Video Processing delivers a low noise, high contrast, natural colored image
o ACE IV (Advanced Continuous Emission) for reproduction of billions of colors and improved grey-scale rendering in dark picture areas
o Advanced Pure Cinema™ with 3:3 pull down so that film-based material on DVD, videotape or even regular
o TV will match the smooth and natural reproduction seen in a movie theater
o Color Temperature Adjustment – 3 settings (high/mid/low)
o Digital Noise Reduction – 4 Settings (off/high/mid/low)
o MPEG Noise Reduction – 4 Settings (off/high/mid/low)
o Digital CTI – Color Transient Improver (on/off)
o Natural Resize
o Natural Enhancer
o Digital Chroma Decoder (10-bit)


* Fully Integrated Media Receiver with Dual NTSC and ATSC Tuner with CableCARD™ Interface
* Independent HDMI® Inputs (10-bit processing) with the ability to accept a 1080p/24Hz signal
* TV Guide On Screen® Interactive Program Guide for easy navigation of TV program services*
* A/V Selection Memory – 5 options for viewing preferences (Standard/Dynamic/Movie/Game/User)
* Aspect Ratio Control – 5 positions (Wide/Zoom/Cinema/ Full/4:3)
* “Dot by Dot" for PC
* Split Screen/Picture in Picture display modes to view multiple sources at one time
* Home Gallery offering a convenient way to view photos via USB connection
* V-Chip Parental Control
* New Remote Control with preset, glow in the dark, direct input selection and TV Guide On Screen control



* Independent Dual HDMI with Audio
* Component (1 side/2 rear with Audio)
* Composite [1 side/3 rear (1 rear with Audio)]
* S-Video [2 rear (1 rear with Audio)]
* Antenna A & B
* USB (Mass Storage Class) (side input)
* PC


* Optical Digital Audio
* Monitor Out – Composite/Audio LR
* Subwoofer
* SR+
* 13 Watt Stereo Amplifier With TruBass® 2-Way Stereo Speakers
* SRS® WOW®/FOCUSTM/TruBass Surround Sound Audio
* Bass Boost Loudness


* Table Top Stand – Included
* Speakers – Included (fully integrated bottom)
* Flat Wall Mount – Optional (PWM-F110, PDWB-5003)


* Display (W x H x D): 48-3/16" x 30-7/8" x 4-1/2" - With Detachable Speaker
* Display Weight: 75.1 lbs.