Samsung SPF-72V LCD Photoframe

SAMSUNG Updated: 2008-08-25 RSS
Samsung SPF-72V LCD Photoframe

Here is an opportunity to enjoy photos in your PC remotely. Just let the SPF-72V access your home network through WiFi or through WMP11 of Windows Vista which will automatically find your SPF-72V. Even if your PC does not have Vista, the SPF-72V has an update file for Windows XP to share photos with the SPF-72V. You will be guided on how to enjoy photos on a website.

ease of use
The SPF-72V is simple and intuitive with a full-graphic user interface. The unit will instantly start a slide show when a USB or memory card is connected.

enjoy remote access to photos
Just allow SPF-72V access to your home network through WiFi. The WMP11 of Windows Vista automatically finds SPF-72V. Then select photos to share with SPF-72V on WMP11.

elegant design
With its simple and sophisticated design, the SPF-72V decorates your home to reveal a modern and stylish lifestyle.

enjoy photos on other websites
Just allow SPF-72V access to home network through WiFi and save the address of your Windows Live Space or RSS feeds from other websites into SPF-72V. Through its special application you will be kindly guided you to enjoy photos on these websites.