Sony LMD1750WHD WXGA High Grade LUMA Monitor

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Sony LMD1750WHD WXGA High Grade LUMA Monitor

The LMD-1750W is a 17-inch LCD professional video production monitor positioned at the top of the LUMA series. The monitor offers the latest DSP (Digital Signal Processor), the market-proven ChromaTRU color matching technology, and the high functionality for which Sony professional video monitors are renowned. The monitor accepts a variety of signals in both analog and digital, and HD and SD formats. Digital HD-SDI and SD-SDI interfaces are provided as options. The LMD-1750W is the best suited LCD monitor in it's class for broadcast and post-production applications. The LMD-1750WHD comes standard with the BKM-243HS HDSDI/SDI Input Module.


* High Resolution 1280x768 (WXGA) LCD Panel
* Includes BKM-243HS HDSDI Input Module
* Multi-Format Signal Support up to 1080/60P (when using DVI-D input)
* Signal-interface options for SD-SDI and HD-SDI signals
* Accepts 25 factory preset computer signals via HD-15 input
* High Purity Color Filters
* Accurate Gamma and Stable White Balance - ChromaTRU color Processing
* Sophisticated I/P Conversion
* Excellent Brightness and Contrast
* Extremely wide 178 degree viewing angle
* Advanced Marker Settings
* Color Temperature Selection (9300K, 6500K or user)
* Selectable Scan Size for Video Input and Aspect Ratio
* Three-color Tally (Red, Green or Amber)
* Smart APA (Auto Pixel Alignment) for Computer Input
* Parallel Remote Control
* Stereo Audio Monitoring
* Key-Inhibit Function helps prevent inadvertent operation from the control panel
* EIA608 Closed-Caption Decoder for close captioning monitoring via composite and component inputs
* 19-inch EIA rack mount via MB-529 Mounting Bracket
* 100mm x 100mm VESA standard allows more flexible mounting solutions
* Waveform Monitoring built-in
* Audio-Level metering
* Picture by Picture mode
* H/V Delay Function
* ACC Off
* DC Operation
* Blue-Only Mode
* Monochrome Mode
* Auto Chroma/Phase Setup
* Serial Remote (Ethernet, RS-232C, Parallel Remote)
* DVI-D Input


Multi-format Signal Support: The LMD-1750W accepts almost any SD or HD video format, both analog and digital. These include composite NTSC and PAL, component 480/60i and 575/50i, progressive 480/60P and 576/50P, and high-definition 1080/60i, 1080/50i, 720/60P, 1080/24P, 1080/25P and 1080/30P. They also accept 1080/24PsF and 1080/25PsF. Standard interfaces include analog composite, analog component and RGB and Y/C. Additional inputs can be added by using option boards. The LMD-1750W also accepts various types of analog and digital computer signals via the standard HD-15 and DVI-D interfaces respectively

ChromaTRU Color Processing: For an extra level of color reproduction accuracy, every LCD panel used in the LMD-1750W is precisely color calibrated at the factory, providing characteristics consistent with those of CRT displays. The ChromaTRU process allows the LMD-2050W to exhibit a color consistency such as SMPTE-C, ITU-709 with a simple menu selection.

Sophisticated I/P Conversion: The LMD-1750W uses a motion adaptive I/P conversion process to achieve conversion results that are optimized to the picture content - whether it is static or dynamic. Highly accurate I/P conversion is provided regardless of signal resolution, for example, whether the input is HD or SD.

Extremely Wide Viewing Angle: A 178 degree horizontal and vertical viewing angle provides virtually no reduction in picture contrast, color saturation, and hue shift. This allows precise images to be clearly viewed from various positions and angles - a critical requirement in professional video monitoring.

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